Spirit Quest Community!

This is a picture of the Spirit Quest Community at the “Play and Purpose” Retreat. The Joy, Healing, Clarity, Connection and Play that oozed out of our commUnion can not be contained. I encourage all artists, healers and conscious entrepreneurs struggling with Joy, Clarity and True Purpose to attend our next retreat.

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Spirit Quest: “Play and Purpose” 2-Day Retreat w Alexis Leiva

Sacred Beings,

Welcome to the “Spirituality meets Personal Development Work meets Play” 2-Day Retreat. Are you open to grow in a sacred and safe container where you can be celebrated, empowered and seen? If you have any confusion about why you are here on planet earth, I promise you will leave the retreat with profound clarity and an expanded relationship to your Purpose and how to live it. And, you will also bring an exciting sense of Possibility and Play to any area of your life where there is stuckness, whether it is in romance, profession, travel, etc.

Order your ticket via Eventbrite *Early Bird Discount till Feb 19th: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/spirit-quest-play-and-purpose-2-day-retreat-w-alexis-leiva-tickets-21049116474?aff=efbevent

This Community Retreat was inspired to engage a Tribe of Conscious Love Bugs to Play and Connect within a Sacred Container that supports our shared Joy, Growth and Freedom. Some of us hosting have recently spent time doing deep healing work with Shamans in Perú. Our intention, without ingesting medicine, is to bring the magical lessons of Perú to you.

Community and Play is the Best Medicine!

Belonging to a Sacred Community is one of the highest Joys and is essential for Well-Being. Real, dropped-in connection is as crucial to health as drinking water! How important is it to you to be part of a community that gets you – that sees you – that allows for playful, informal connection and that shares common values, goals and passions?

IS THIS RETREAT FOR ME? +I am conscious, professional, entrepreneurial, heart and spirit-centered and rejoice at the opportunity to shine in a playful community +I want to deepen my clarity around how to live or grow my purpose +I relate to Play as Sacred and know Joy is my Birthright +I want to bring Spirit into my personal development work +I want to expand my capacity to allow Joy, Self-Love and Emotional Intimacy +I want to experience healing through ceremony, without medicine +I accidentally self–sabotage by both calling love in and repelling it away (we do that? sillyeriously?!) +I am exhausted from trying to outrun my imperfect self +I desire deep, soulful nourishment now +I want to heal myself from the idea that I need saving +I want to play, contribute, explore and commune with a High Vibe Tribe

TO BE HOSTED WITH “GUAVA” (Think “Beautiful Temple/Yoga Studio/Home/Womb/Wow”): 4210 Holden Street, Emeryville, CA 94608

DATES: Saturday, Feb 27th, 9:30am-6pm AND Sunday, Feb 28th, 9:30am- 9pm (with DJ/Live Music to complete retreat!) *THIS IS NOT AN OVERNIGHT RETREAT* Please secure your own lodging for Saturday night.

* Exquisitely curated and facilitated discussions and exercises on the themes of “Play and Purpose”
* Sacred Ceremonies (drum/prayer/reiki healing *no medicine ingested)
* Community “Vision Collaging” Playshop Dream Architect
* Guided, Cinematic Meditations * Embodied Dance + Yoga
* 4 Delicious, High Vibe, Family Lunches/Dinners (made with love by Mom!)
* Relaxed communal downtime and spontaneous love huddles * Surprises along the way
* Live Music to complete the retreat by Illuminertia, Fllow and friends…
* And more…

ALSO, to get the tribe connections flowing before the actual retreat, registered participants will be invited to join our Community Dinner Party with a group of serious Love Bugs (The Aliveness Alliance) from 6pm- 11pm, Sat Feb 13th at 515 4th Avenue, SF CA, 94118

HOW MUCH: *Investment $199.33
*Early Bird ticket for $178.23 until Feb 19th!
*$25 discount as a token of appreciation if, after you register, you support a friend to join the retreat (to be paid back after the retreat)

Order tickets via Eventbrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/spirit-quest-play-and-purpose-2-day-retreat-w-alexis-leiva-tickets-21049116474?aff=efbevent

Please private message Alexis Leiva to get your questions answered, or to schedule a Discovery Call where we can explore if this experience is aligned for you!

One phase of Life is about finding yourself.
The next one can be about Creating Yourself!

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Spirit Quest: Amazon Immersion Sept 2015

Must be fit for this quest! To apply, learn more or schedule a Skype call, email me: alexisleivaletayf@gmail.com

Personal Video Invite From Alexis in Amazon


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