“A Fuller Pulse” by Alexis Leiva Letayf

If you’ve ever wanted to look behind the veil and get a glimpse into the glory and guts of another, delve into “A Fuller Pulse.”

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This very poetic, enthusiastic, and vibrant book is a collection of Alexis’s confessional-form journal entries.  It stands as a seminal Declaration of Interdependence rooted in the sociological, philosophical, and spiritual veins.  The author’s self-help style is informal, yet piercingly emphatic and poignant.

Think, “B. Dylan’s inimitable devotion to questioning human follies so as to enhance and evolve current social predicaments, V. Frankl’s stressing the need of individuals to authentically take on the “response-ability” of co-creating the meaning of reality and life so as to fulfill one’s self and alleviate existential frustration, J. Campbell’s universal insight and undivided love born of the enthusiastic embrace of all world religions, all infused with the intensity of Rumi’s inexhaustible longing to be completely eaten up by the Sacred Other.”